Hayabusa GSP Limited Edition Gloves

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In light of Georges St-Pierre‘s continued dominance over the UFC’s welterweight division, a slick pair of Hayabusa GSP gloves have emerged bearing the welterweight champ’s signature style, giving fans another way of showing support even at the gym. These Hayabusa Limited Edition Georges St-Pierre 16 oz. gloves boast a classy black and white color combination, with unparalleled technology allowing for a design that fits perfectly, with zero shifting and optimum wrist support. Also, striking power isn’t compromised, while hand protection remains at a peak, making these limited edition gloves a must-have for GSP fans in the industry. With only 1,000 pairs produced in collaboration with the champ himself, these Hayabusa GSP gloves won’t be available for long; be sure to scoop them up while you have the chance.

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Hayabusa GSP Limited Edition Gloves - Black

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