Hayabusa Haburi Rash Guard Short & Long Sleeve

Topics: MMA Gear

This simple, stylish Hayabusa rash guard is a hard worker when it comes to training.  A good rash guard is an absolute must-have for a serious mixed martial artist.  It improves the quality of your training by wicking away sweat and keeping your body dry and muscles warm, thanks to high-tech thermoregulation.  Most importantly, this rash guard can take punishment through a lot of hard training; it is constructed of durable, lightweight material.  Although it is durable, it is still breathable and the material dries quickly.  The logos are also quality-made, which fiber-fused material that won’t rub off; it comes in black or white, and is available in short or long sleeve.  The material is scientifically tested.  It is proven to have antimicrobial technology, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, as well as protecting against skin infection.  Altogether, this Hayabusa rash guard combines performance and style to create one of the best MMA rash guards you’ll ever train with.

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