Hayabusa Ikusa 16oz Gloves (Green, Blue & Orange Colors)

Topics: MMA Gear


Making a second appearance in Green, Blue, & Orange the Hayabusa Ikusa 16oz Gloves emerged one again from the initial first look at the original white or black gloves.  Through scientific engineering the team at Hayabusa has developed these 16oz sparring gloves to help you get maximum performance and protection during those grueling training sessions.  Hand-crafted with premium leather and a patented Dual-X closure system for a superior fit.  The interior is composed of advanced moisture wicking technology to keep your hands dry when things heat up.  Scoop up one of these new Ikusa Sparring Gloves and add some color into the mix.

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Hayabusa Ikusa 16oz Gloves - Fiery OrangeWhere to BuyDetails