Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Series MMA Gear

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Hayabusa fuses old school with new in their classically designed Kanpecki Elite Series MMA Gloves, Shin-Instep Guards, and Headgear. The designs take us back to the day when football players wore leather helmets, a time before mixed martial arts was even in existence. The full grain leather gives off a distinctly elegant vibe, while their performance remains unmatched. The Y-shape volar design in the MMA gloves is exclusive to this design; it keeps your gloves tight to your palms, so whether your fists are clenched or open, it keeps them protected. The shin-instep guards incorporate many important features, such as lightweight construction, ergonomic curvature, breathability, and a full back that allows the perfect fit. One of your most trusted pieces of equipment in training is most likely your headgear; this Elite Series set will keep you protected. A customized fit is created via cranial-cast construction, and the high density foam material absorbs shock like no other headgear. This new Kanpecki Elite Series gear will keep you on top of your game, while keeping you protected from injury.

If you like this set of classic MMA gear, check out the new Kanpeki 2.0 Series from Hayabusa.

Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Series MMA Gloves

Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Series Shin-Instep Guards

Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Series MMA Headgear

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