Hayabusa Kusari Training Shirt (Black or White)

Topics: MMA Gear

Fresh for the new year, Hayabusa unleashes a new era of fight wear, beginning with this revolutionary Kusari shirt, which is built to withstand your hardest training sessions.  The word “Kusari” comes from a Japanese weapon called the “kusarigama.”  It’s an appropriate name for this innovative new training shirt from Hayabusa.  The shirt is made of 100% polyester, with moisture wicking technology to keep you dry and warm through your workout.  A mouthguard pocket appears on the left side, which is convenient in the gym as well.  According to Hayabusa, it “blends comfort, quality and durability.”  The graphics include contrasting color blocks on the side panels, colored piping on the collar, and logos, including a symbol on the back shoulder.  Enter the new age of MMA training gear by rocking this Hayabusa Kusari shirt in your next session.


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