Hayabusa Mirai Series Headgear

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Along with Hayabusa’s new line of high-performance training gear comes a set of Hayabusa Mirai Headgear that not only protects against injuries, but also provides a custom fit and shows off bold style in the process.  This Hayabusa Mirai Series Headgear features their new, patented Boa closure system, which allows the wearer to adjust the fit with just the turn of a knob located in the back.  Lightweight construction, improved breathability, and a 20% increase in peripheral vision are just a few of the other great features offered in this revolutionary new gear.  Not to be forgotten is the slick, bold style this gear offers, which consists of classic black and white, with the addition of a fierce lime green to spice things up.  Amp up your game this fall by adding this top notch Hayabusa Mirai Headgear to your training arsenal, and never worry about your gear not fitting quite right again.

Hayabusa Mirai Series Headgear - White & Black

Hayabusa Mirai Series Headgear – White & Black      Where to Buy Details

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