Hayabusa Tokushu 14 Oz. Sparring Gloves

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Hayabusa unleashes yet another piece of world-class equipment upon the world of mixed martial arts and putting their competition on their knees. With unsurpassed technology and breakthrough features, these sparring gloves are a necessity for any serious mixed martial artist looking to gain that edge over their next opponent. These state of the art gloves are made with Deltra EG inside the core, which means that any impact is absorbed effortlessly, providing unsurpassed protection to your hands. Also utilized in the gloves’ construction is both Vylar leather and Ecta carbonized bamboo. The Vylar leather is superior to any other type of leather on the market, providing both protection and durability. The Ecta carbonized bamboo is used to construct the lining, and delivers comfort as well as moisture wicking and thermoregulation. Step up your game today and replace your old sparring gloves with new age technology.

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Hayabusa Tokushu 14 oz Sparring Gloves

Hayabusa Tokushu 14 oz Sparring Gloves Black/ Steel Blue | Front & Back

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