HEADRUSH Shirt Team Brazil Series Green

Topics: MMA Clothing

The HEADRUSH Shirt Brazil Series comes in Green made with 100% cotton. The “HEADRUSH”, panther graphic and “Brazil Jiu-Jitsu” on front of the shirt with a small HEADRUSH brazil logo on the back top. The increase of popularity in MMA has brought interntional MMA stars to forefront of MMA. Take Anderson Silva or Lyoto Machida for example, these fighters are at the pinicale of the sport. Brazil has many talented fighters in its arsenal. This very stylish t-shirt is sure to fit any casual occasion. Does it fit your style? HEADRUSH takes a fresh and appealing take to fighter clothing with few skulls, bones, and death. These eye grabbing designs give a fresh feel to the world of MMA Clothing. HEADRUSH considers its brand to be a “lifestyle brand” on the flip side it can give you an amazing feeling of power and confidence which raises MMA clothing fashion to new heights. This HEADRUSH Shirt Series is inspired from the roots of all that is considered EXTREME and offers the feeling that you are wearing the best because you are the best.

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