Hostility Women’s Awesome Blossom Lace V-Neck Shirt

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To all the ladies out there who don’t feel that there are enough pretty MMA clothing options out there for us that don’t feature skulls and crossbones, Hostility has us covered. Firstly, the bright pink color is a refreshing change from the typical black and white women’s options available. The swirling design on the front with a silver foil logo heart is endearing, and gains interest upon first glance. The true star of this design, though, is the back, which is stunning. The back is actually lace, set in a flower pattern that is unique. This one of a kind tee is a must-have for women MMA fans yearning for something different for their MMA wardrobe.

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Hostility Awesome Blossom Lace V-Neck Shirt

Hostility Awesome Blossom Lace V-Neck Shirt | Front & Back

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