Jaco Guardian Dual Tray Mouth Guard

Topics: MMA Gear

Jaco gives you the best in concussion and injury protection with their Guardian dual tray mouth guard. The dual tray design stabilizes your jaw in combat, reducing the risk of injury by lowering the force of impact by 40% while protecting your teeth as well. Shock absorbers are built in, which disperse the impact made by strikes to the jaw and base of the brain, which lowers the chance of incurring a concussion or other serious injury. Made of Elvax resin, it also allows active airways, which aid in easy breathing and speaking, without compromising the protection of your jaw. An anti-microbial carrying case allows safe and easy travel as well. Keep your head in the game with a mouth guard that won’t let you down, courtesy of Jaco.

Jaco Guardian Dual Tray Mouthguard

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