Jaco Tenacity Hoodie

Topics: MMA Clothing

This Jaco Tenacity hoodie is the epitome of what Men want in most of their clothing, which is not over-complicated.  The basic black design is great, because it is simple and clean looking.  The material is a combination of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, with a fleece inside lining for maximum comfort.  The cut is slim-fit, so the body and arms are cut a bit narrower for a tighter fit, although it is pre-shrunk.  It features a full zip in front, as well as two side pockets and a drawstring hood.  As far as the visuals, they are minimal, yet attractive.  The front shows a small Jaco tenacity logo on the left lapel in a contrasting white color.  The back of the right sleeve reveals a full Jaco logo.  If you want the best comfort and the best style this winter, try this Jaco hoodie on for size, and you will not be sorry. 

Purchase Hoodie More Info

Purchase Hoodie More Info


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