Jaco Vale Tudo Fight Shorts

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As the competitive MMA world becomes more and more technical, Vale Tudo fight shorts become a more attractive option for training, given their sleek frame and moisture wicking ability.  These Jaco Vale Tudo Fight Shorts feature both of these qualities, along with an extremely durable fabric that also stretches without effort.  Jaco understands that breathability and comfort are important to these professional grade shorts, as well as a slick appearance with the navy and silverlake color scheme.  Be sure to give these Vale Tudo fight shorts a try in the gym, and you’ll notice the performance boost right away.  Available in two lengths long and short for versatility in your MMA training routine.

Jaco Vale Tudo Fight Shorts - Navy & Sliverlake

Jaco Vale Tudo Short Fight Shorts – Navy & Sliverlake
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Jaco Vale Tudo Long Fight Shorts - Navy & Silverlake

Jaco Vale Tudo Long Fight Shorts – Navy & Silverlake
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