Jaco Warm Up Jacket (Sugafly Yellow Colorway)

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Jaco’s Warm Up jacket is an impressive hybrid of breakthrough comfort and vivid, yet simple style. It is part of their Sugafly collection, in which Jaco continues their support of former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans. They’ve even named the bright color that they use in contrast to this black jacket “Sugafly yellow.” Featuring Jaco Tenacity logos as well as Jaco Athletics Team logos, this slim-fit jacket is versatile enough to wear anywhere. A removable hood, side pockets, and thumb holes at the cuffs add even more versatility, while the intense yellow chain stitching adds another element of colorful style. Your cool morning jogs will be much more enjoyable with such a comfortable jacket to keep you company.

Jaco Warm Up Jacket
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Jaco Warm Up Jacket

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