Fight Style: Joe Rogan Live Videos

Topics: MMA Clothing

In this edition of Fighter Style, we bring you a couple of Joe Rogan videos from his Live series. In these videos, he just so happens to be wearing Roots of Fight apparel. In the first video, he boasts their Helio shirt, honoring the Father of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Helio Gracie. In the second video, he wears their Academia Gracie shirt, paying tribute to the entire Gracie family’s legacy. The videos are as great as the fashion, consisting of Joe Rogan’s humor combined with his on-air guests’ personalities. Take a peek at these Joe Rogan videos for yourself, and if you haven’t already, also take a look at Roots of Fight’s collection of combat sport inspired apparel.

Joe Rogan Wearing Roots of Fight Helio Shirt

Joe Rogan Wearing Roots of Fight Academia Gracie Shirt

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