Jon Jones Mistaken Identity

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

With the fallout from the UFC 151 cancellation debacle, one bystander received a great deal of heat just because of his name and subsequent Twitter handle, @JonJones. The real Jon Jones is an art producer and outsourcing manager in the video game industry, and he has been a good sport throughout this entire unfortunate situation. In fact, he’s ending up ahead, with a couple of care packages from key players in the MMA industry that serve as a token of appreciation for his outstanding attitude about the entire mess. Jones received a free Dan Henderson shirt and a free Jon “Bones” Jones shirt from MMA Overload, and a package from Fear the Fighter as well. Fear the Fighter had something to say about the decision to reach out to Jones: “The reason behind [it] is I guess no other brand stepped up at all in this time of need by the fighters and fans, and we found that being the fighters’ brand and fans, we knew we had to step up.” He is also the subject of a radio interview with MMADieHards, which you can find here.