Manto “Muerte” BJJ GI Limited Edition

Topics: MMA Clothing

A new Manto BJJ gi called “Muerte” is inspired by the Mexican holiday, “”El Dia De Los Muertos,” or “Day of the Dead.” The gi’s unique visual appeal comes from the traditional aesthetics of the holiday, which typically involves a lot of skulls, roses, and other iconography. Manto has pulled the essence of the holiday through beautifully in this spectacular design. The top is made of 550 gsm pearl weave, and the pants consist of soft, yet resilient cotton. High quality embroidery tops off the visuals, utilizing jacquard patches to amp up the wow factor even more. This Manto BJJ gi comes with a uniquely printed gi bag, matching the “Muerte” theme while offering a way to carry it to and from the gym with minimal wear and tear.

Manto Muerte BJJ GI - LTD Edition