Meerkatsu Dueling Apes Shirt

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A fun new Meerkatsu shirt design enters the scene as the fall season gets going, bringing his usual whimsical flair and martial arts theme.  This particular Meerkatsu Dueling Apes Shirt boasts two apes about to duke it out in the center.  The discipline being displayed is that of Jiu-Jitsu, judging not only by the large ‘Jiu-Jitsu‘ printed below the center, but also the apes’ gi ensemble.  Between the fun, whimsical design and the sheer popularity of his artwork in the grappling community, this Meerkatsu shirt is a great addition to any fall wardrobe.

Meerkatsu Dueling Apes Shirt - Blue

Meerkatsu Dueling Apes Shirt – Blue      Where to Buy Details

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