Meerkatsu Heavenly Gi (White)

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Following up in the black variant that first reach the Jiu Jitsu community before this year, the Meerkatsu Heavenly Kimono is accessible a white upgrade for supporters of Seymour Yang’s artistic abilities. Joining a 475 gsm pearl weave cotton gi and 10 ounces ripstop cotton trousers, this slim-fitting BJJ gi comes with a sublimated printed panel along the interior yoke that’s decorated with Meerkatsu’s graphics, comparing Japanese attractiveness versus demonic brawn, with a lightly adorned outside including embroidered art and woven patches. Floral motifs are featured throughout the design, emblematic of peace and war, with a IBJJF fashion that was approved that’s appropriate for tournament use and general training. Take a closer look at this second colorway in the Meerkatsu Heavenly Gi, alongside the coordinated Meerkatsu gi tote that’s contained with each kimono below.

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  • The first BJJ kimono under the Meerkatsu Brand
  • 475gsm Pearlweave cotton top
  • 10ounces Ripstop cotton trousers
  • Tapered and slim-fitting, ideal for general and tournament use
  • Adorned with Meerkatsu art, patches and embroidery
  • Comes pre shrunk