Metal Mulisha Guarded FlexFit Hat

Topics: MMA Clothing

A thrilling, America-inspired Metal Mulisha hat emerges with Labor Day and the anniversary of September 11th upon us, reminding us of our country and our patriotism for it.  This Metal Mulisha Guarded FlexFit Hat shows off a camo logo on the side, with an American flag print revealed underneath the flat brim.  A stark black color for the rest of its surface keeps things simple, and allows these couple of simple effects really speak for themselves.  Be sure to scoop up this intriguing Metal Mulisha hat to sport through the remainder of the exciting MMA events this year and next, and maybe even after that.

Metal Mulisha Guarded FlexFit Hat - Black

Metal Mulisha Guarded FlexFit Hat – Black      Where to Buy Details

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