Nate Diaz Walkout Hoodie

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Fans of Metal Mulisha’s latest Nate Diaz walkout shirt will be thrilled to see the release of a Nate Diaz walkout hoodie, which features much the same style as his official shirt for the upcoming UFC on FOX 7 event. This warm, versatile top boasts a relaxed, faded Metal Mulisha logo in the center, with their Octagon logo hit and a pair of majestic wings underneath it. The back side features those same wings, along with further branding and of course, Nate’s name as well. With a classic green, black, and white color scheme and a lot of creativity put into it, this Nate Diaz walkout hoodie is a great choice for keeping warm during those cooler spring mornings, and of course on fight night as well.

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Nate Diaz UFC on FOX 7 Walkout Hoodie - Black

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