Metal Mulisha Nick Diaz UFC 143 Revelation Fight Shorts

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Controversial Welterweight Nick Diaz will lock horns with a hungry Caros Condit this weekend at UFC 143 in Las Vegas. Metal Mulisha will sponsor his fight; they’ve already released his walkout tee for the event, and now they’re giving fans an opportunity to snag up his walkout shorts as well. The shorts are Metal Mulisha’s “Revelation” design, which features their logo on a red and black color scheme, front and center. A logo hit appears on the left leg, and full logos make appearances on the back of the waist and the right leg. Whether you’re a Diaz fan, or just love the simplicity of these fight-worthy shorts from Metal Mulisha, pick them up to support him in his quest for the Interim title this weekend.

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Nick Diaz UFC 143 Revelation Fight Shorts | Front View

Nick Diaz UFC 143 Revelation Fight Shorts | Back View

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