Brand Battle: Metal Mulisha vs. Dethrone

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

The upcoming UFC on FOX 5 event from Seattle, Washington has plenty of fireworks in store for us eager fans, among them a main event battle between UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson and division number one contender Nate Diaz. Along with this highly touted matchup comes an epic battle between their representative brands, Dethrone vs. Metal Mulisha. Ben Henderson is represented by Dethrone, rocking an old school style ‘Smooth Sword’ walkout tee that matches his old fashioned attitude. On the other side of things, Nate Diaz sports a badass Metal Mulisha walkout shirt that displays attitude and determination, also indicative of the fighter himself. Take a peek at each of these MMA walkout shirts being featured in the main event of the evening, and pick up one (or both) of the fighters’ walkout tees ahead of fight night to show your support.

Metal Mulisha's Nate Diaz vs. Dethrone's Benson Henderson at UFC on FOX 5

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