MMA Fighters with Pets

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One of the great things about following MMA fighters on Twitter is the occasional glimpses we get into their non-fight lives. Being an animal lover, I’m always interested in and reduced to girly balls of mush when they post photos of their pets. Here are just a few stories and photos I’ve picked up over the past few months. Do you know how Phil Davis got the nickname Mr. Wonderful? It’s the name of the cat he had in college. Here’s Phil talking to MMA30 before his UFC133 fight. Chael Sonnen’s terrier mix has been the topic of a few conversations. On Joe Rogan’s podcast he mentioned hesitating about entertaining offers to coach TUF because he didn’t want to leave his dog for so long: “He’ll forget who I am!” When asked what he was most afraid of in another interview Sonnen answered, “Something happening to Mr. Danger Waffles.”

During a UFC Q&A Chael was asked how the dog got his name and responded:

His little legs couldn’t even climb up the stairs to go to bed at night. So I instantly named him Danger. And the next morning he jumped up on the table because he didn’t know that table food was not for him. And when I came back to the kitchen, my waffle was gone. So I gave him the last name Waffles.

Danger Waffles – Photo Source:

Mike Dolce, author of 3 Weeks to Shredded & The Dolce Diet, former fighter and coach credited with helping many fighters cut weight in a healthy way (including Sonnen) recently tweeted a photo of his American Pit Bull and Maine Coon cat – Zoey and Chop-Chop.

Zoey and Chop-Chop – Source: Twitter @theDolceDiet

Anyone following Dan Hardy knows of his fondness for four-legged critters but did you know UFC’s Outlaw fosters cats and adopts them out through a local shelter in Vegas? Dan has even received an ELPOS Kramer Award for his work. You can adopt an “Outlaw” cat by checking Dan’s Facebook page. He has a photo section titled “Our Fosters” in which he posts updates on new additions, which cats are ready to find new homes and which ones have already been adopted.

Oscar – Source: Dan’s Facebook Page

Strikeforce Champion Ronda Rousey has a pitbull named Mochi that occasionally turns up in her Instagram stream and was most recently seen on the All Access show that aired on Showtime.

Mochi – Source: Twitter @RondaRousey

Cage Rage British welterweight champ and UFC fighter Che Mills has a beautiful pit named Hector that makes regular appearances on his twitter stream and helps him cheer on his favorite football team.

Hector – Source: Twitter @Che_Mills

Hector – Source: Twitter @Che_Mills

And finally, what’s tougher than UFC’s All American Brian Stann? His American Bulldog Ares.

Ares – Source: Twitter @BrianStann