Nam Phan Walkout Shirt

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HeadRush brings us their Nam Phan walkout shirt for the upcoming UFC on FOX 4 card from Los Angeles, and the design matches Phan’s never-say-die attitude inside the Octagon. Called “Premium Electric V2,” the shirt is a bold one, featuring skulls, snakes, and other graphics that give the tee a rugged vibe. The Ultimate Fighter standout will compete against Cole Miller in a featherweight battle that will provide the perfect segway from the evening’s preliminary bouts to the main card. With “Death B4 Defeat” proclaimed proudly across the bottom, this Nam Phan walkout shirt provides both inspiration and confidence. Pick up one of your own to cheer on this exciting featherweight as he attempts to add a second win to his UFC resume.

HeadRush Nam Phan Walkout Shirt
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HeadRush Nam Phan Walkout Shirt