NEWBREED Shield and Warrior Way Shirts

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As Spring approaches, many MMA apparel companies are releasing a plethora of newly designed tees for the season. New Breed jumps on the bandwagon with two new modern designs, the Shield and the Warrior Way. The Shield tee uses contrasting tones of silver, gray, black, and white to create a futuristic look, while representing their brand name and “Only the Strong” in cool cursive text. For this design, you can actually choose between a muted red color or basic gray. “Warrior Way” reveals a fierce warrior in the center, with intriguing electric blue accents and wild, unkempt text. Represent your favorite sport in style with these visually stunning new tees from New Breed, and keep your eyes peeled for more to be released yet this season.


NEWBREED Shield Shirt | Red & Grey Color | Front & Back View

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NEWBREED Warrior Way Shirt | Black Color | Front & Back View

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