Fight Style: Anderson Silva “Spider Knows” Walkout Shirt?

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

Anderson Silva recently signed a global sponsorship with Nike to become the second MMA Athlete under the “Swoosh” icon. Much speculation has been made about Anderson Silva’s walkout shirt for his upcoming UFC 153 bout against Stephan Bonnar. Jon Jones wore his “Bones Knows” signature design by Nike for his recent UFC 152 walkout to the Octagon, and many have wondered if Silva would follow suit and sport his new signature shirt for UFC 153. Well, it appears the answer is yes, Anderson Silva may be coming out to the Octagon sporting Nike apparel. First images of Anderson Silva’s “Spider Knows” signature shirt are now among us. Check out the new Nike design below, and tell us what you think.

Anderson Silva Spider Knows Walkout Shirt UFC 153