No Mas NYC Fightville Shirt

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The highly anticipated MMA inspired documentary called Fightville will be releasing in L.A., New York, and on iTunes today (Friday, April 20th). To celebrate its release, No Mas NYC has come up with a Fightville inspired shirt for fans who want to show extra support for the film’s strong message of hard work and dedication. “Lazy Hands Will Bring Poverty” along with a punching fist sporting a dollar sign grace the front, embracing the ideal that hard work is needed to succeed in this industry; nothing is given for nothing. Whether you get a chance to see the film or not, this inspirational tee is a great addition to any MMA fan’s wardrobe.

No Mas NYC Fightville Shirt
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No Mas NYC Fightville Shirt

Fightville Zombie Apocalypse Now Video

– Video Features Tim Credeur wearing the No Mas NYC Fightville Shirt

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