No Mas Pride 10 Shirt

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No Mas bulks up their winter collection as 2013 approaches with yet another great addition in this Pride FC shirt memorializing the epic Pride 10 event that took place on August 27th, 2000. This heralded event featured the likes of Vitor Belfort, Wanderlei Silva, Ricco Rodriguez, Igor Vovchanchyn, Ken Shamrock, Renzo Gracie, and Kazushi Sakuraba all on the same card. The shirt’s design actually boasts the image of a popular Pride poster featuring Sakuraba being choked out by a Pride ring girl. The back is left bare, allowing that front image to shine on its own, and a little card with some background information about the event is also included, as is the case with many of these classic tees from No Mas. Get in the holiday spirit with this great Pride FC shirt, and reminisce about where today’s mainstream MMA culture really started.

No Mas Pride 10 Shirt - White
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No Mas Pride 10 Shirt - White

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