The Overeem Rock Fashion Connection

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

Fans of UFC and WWE might notice that The Rock’s new Push the Pace shirt looks suspiciously similar in design to Alistair Overeem’s 141 Walkout shirt by Hayabusa. This may not be a coincidence but a purposeful nod of approval between the two as The Rock has been seen sporting Alistair’s shirt quite a few times and vice versa.

 On Twitter Alistair retweeted a photo of The Rock wearing his shirt during training for Fast 6. Later, over Memorial Day weekend The Rock was seen wearing the shirt again diving into a pool. Alistair commented on his site:

“I like the Rock very much, I have much respect of the way he handled his career. From college football to the WWE and then becoming a well known actor. He’s a real multi talented guy and I’m proud and honored that he’s ‘rocking’ my walkout shirt.”

Is this a purposefully complimentary style between two top athletes? What do you think? Now the question is, should Alistair sport a “Knees to Livers” shirt in return?

(Thanks to @ChadLems for the tip)


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