Punch Buddies Rich Franklin Ace Shirt

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Rich “Ace” Franklin is one of the more popular fighters on the UFC’s current Light Heavyweight roster; this Rich Franklin shirt from Punch Buddies is a whimsical take on Franklin as a fighter.  “Ace” is shown as a fight detective; this is a play on Jim Carrey’s character from the movie Ace Ventura:  Pet Detective.  Carrey’s pet detective character appears on the ground (complete with the well known yellow Hawaiian shirt from the movie), dazed from a beatdown courtesy of “Ace.”  The mineral wash gives the graphics a vintage look.  What better way to support the former Middleweight champion as he recovers from shoulder surgery and prepares to start training again?  No doubt that Franklin doesn’t have many years left in the sport, as he has said himself on many occasions.  Now is the time to pick up this playful Punch Buddies Rich Franklin shirt before “Ace” gets back into the Octagon. 

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