Punishment Athletics Veteran Shirt

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Punishment Athletics truly captures the heart of a mixed martial arts veteran in their newest design aptly labeled their Veteran shirt. The words “hard work” and “dedication” mean everything to a combat warrior, including those that meet inside the Octagon or cage. These words appear on the front of this shirt, showing courage and commitment in one of the world’s toughest sports. Punishment’s trademark star fist appears in the center, laying claim to the design while showing respect for the shirt’s honorable theme. Completing the look is a vibrant design comprised of bright neon green accents and casual stencil lettering, creating an unforgettable, must-have casual fight tee to add to your collection.

Punishment Athletics Veteran Shirt


Tito Ortiz Wearing the Punishment Athletics Veteran Shirt

Tito wearing Punishment Athletics Veteran Shirt

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