Punishment Athletics After Fight Shirt

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The Punishment shirt that Tito Ortiz was seen wearing after his UFC 148 fight against Forrest Griffin is now here. As Tito’s final Octagon appearance of his long and storied career, this shirt is essentially a tribute to the former champion. Punishment is calling it the “After Fight” shirt, paying homage to the recent hall-of-famer through cotton and thread. “I Helped Build the Sport That Built Me” is revealed on the back, showcasing Tito’s enormous contribution to the growth of MMA and the UFC over the years. For many fans of the sport, there is only one Tito Ortiz, and this Punishment shirt is a great tribute to him and his illustrious career.

Tito Ortiz After Fight Shirt from UFC 148
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Tito Ortiz After Fight Shirt from UFC 148