Punishment Wrestling Saves Lives Shirt

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A new Punishment shirt pays respect to the sport of wrestling with this genuine “Wrestling Saves Lives” design. Created in a captivating black and yellow color combination, this inspired tee shows the rigors and rewards of competing in such a competitive and disciplined sport. A wrestling match is shown on the front, showcasing the theme in the form of art, right in the center of the shirt. Punishment Athletics has been amping up the inspiration lately, with their “After Fight” shirt from Tito Ortiz coming out recently, and now this inspiring take on one of the base disciplines of MMA. The back reveals a “Wrestling Saves Lives” tagline, in distressed block lettering all on its own. If you love MMA and/or wrestling, either as a fan or as a competitor, show your appreciation for the grueling sport with this tributary Punishment shirt.

Punishment Athletics Wrestling Saves Lives Shirt
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Punishment Athletics Wrestling Saves Lives Shirt