Renzo Gracie “Renzo Knows” Shirt

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CTRL Industries introduces a Renzo Gracie shirt called Renzo Knows, following the trend of recent similar shirts by both Nike and TapouT for Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, respectively. This special edition shirt is a collaboration between CTRL Industries, a rising Jiu-Jitsu/MMA inspired apparel brand, and the BJJ legend himself, Renzo Gracie. This design takes the simple approach, proclaiming “Renzo Knows” across the front. These words make up almost the entire graphic design, with a couple of CTRL logo hits making up the only other detailing on the entire tee. Even the calm, cool, blue coloring has a laid-back effect that works with the simplicity of the theme as a whole. Represent a legend while wearing this Renzo Gracie shirt from the creative design team at CTRL Industries.

Renzo Gracie "Renzo Knows" Shirt
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Renzo Gracie Renzo Knows Shirt

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