RevGear MMA Training Pads Collection

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RevGear rolls out a new line of MMA training pads for mixed martial artists everywhere to get more out of their training sessions. With high quality 100% leather construction, improved technology, and a trusted name such as RevGear behind it, these new pieces of equipment are must-haves for anyone involved in the sport. The different pads include a thigh pad/leg guard, a belly pad, a suitcase bag, curved Thai pads, and mini T micro Thai pads. The colors are black and red for everything, with the standard RevGear logos splashed over each piece. The thigh pads mold to your thigh to fit snugly, and include a triple strap elastic closure to prevent slipping. The belly pad includes three layers of padding, and is form fitted to allow full mobility. Also, the closure is a flow through buckle with a leather insert, which prevents skin irritation. The suitcase bag has riveted handles, which provide a secure grip, and shock absorbent padding. The Thai pads are made with lightweight padding, so as not to weight down the pad holder. The micro Thai pads provide the same feature, but they’re even more lightweight and easier to travel with due to their smaller size. Get in the game with this professional line of MMA pads from RevGear.

Revgear Thigh Pad - Front

Revgear Thigh Pad - Back

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Revgear Belly Pad - Front

Revgear Belly Pad - Back

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Revgear Suitcase Bag - Front

Revgear Suitcase Bag - Side

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Revgear Curved Thai Pads - Front

Revgear Curved Thai Pads - Back

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Revgear Mini Micro Thai Pads - Front

Revgear Mini Micro Thai Pads - Back

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