Roots of Fight Bruce Lee JKD Text Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing

Are you on the lookout for a new Bruce Lee Shirt?  Immerse yourself into the legendary story of Jeet Kune Do with the new Roots of Fight Bruce Lee JKD Text Shirt. The new Bruce Lee shirt signifies what made Jeet Kune Do so special with white text on a red colorway for a minimalist style that focuses on the topic instead of the brand.  The front sports the iconic “Jeet Kune Do” in a curved and clean cut white font.  The backside of the Roots of Fight design translates to “Way of the Intercepting Fist” to sum up this iconic shirt.  If you believe in Bruce Lee’s philosophies and teaching which are still prevalent in today’s modern MMA, then it’s time to add this JDK Text shirt to your collection.

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