Roots of Fight Muay Thai Tiger Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing
As the summer season begins to fade away into fall, a thrilling new Roots of Fight shirt emerges on the scene, providing a little burst of excitement to greet the changing of the seasons.  The soft red and white color scheme on the Roots of Fight Muay Thai Tiger Shirt allows the design to speak for itself, and that gritty Muay Thai flavor definitely shines through.  With Thai writing joining the English logos, this exciting Tiger-themed tee has a truly authentic vibe that draws fight fans in like a magnet.  The burst of graphics on the back, including the boxing gloves in the center, make this style even more exciting, joining the rest of the Roots of Fight shirt collection in terms of great style.  Be sure to grab one up for yourself today, and get a jump start on the new season’s styles.
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