Roots of Bruce Lee Documentary

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

Bruce Lee’s philosophy on martial arts and his impact on its evolution will forever be remembered in the minds of fans and combat fighters alike. Roots of Fight honored him in their spring collection for 2012, revealing their Photo shirt and Jeet Kune Do hoodie, as well as their Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute sweatshirt. Martial arts greats such as Paul Lazenby, Eddie Bravo, and Ralek Gracie sound off about the revolutionary leaps that Lee made in the way of modern mixed martial arts. The mini-documentary includes footage of Lee discussing his philosophy with the world. There is no doubt that Bruce Lee helped to revolutionize martial arts, and this mini-doc really gives a sense of how much he means to the MMA community as well. Take a more in-depth look at Roots of Fights Clothing and discover a whole new world of MMA Apparel.

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