Round 5 Bruce Lee’s Temple of Kung Fu X Mad Toy Design

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Round 5 and Jeremy “MAD” Madl collaborate for a new series of Temple of Kung Fu toy designs. The new Bruce Lee series is set to feature a wide variety of action figures reflecting on the legendary career of Bruce Lee and the Kung Fu discipline. MAD, who has an astonishing resume complete with toy designs, is best known for his work with Kidrobot. He is very passionate about his work on this Bruce Lee series and had this to say: “I’ve been a fan of Bruce Lee since watching his movies as a kid, and he’s become such an icon I jumped at the opportunity to create this line. I think everyone will be blown away by our first release.” Round 5 is well known for their UFC collector series, which features action figures from Mixed Martial Arts. With the announcement of the Bruce Lee series, Round 5 had this to say: “There are so many different things to celebrate about Bruce Lee, the martial artist, the philosopher, the actor, but here we are just celebrating Bruce Lee – the legend.” The president of Round 5, Damon Lau, followed up by saying, “Working with MAD on a brand like Bruce Lee has been incredible, his passion for the brand is so evident in the design of this collection, which is amongst the best we’ve ever created.” You can expect to see a 3-inch blind box assortment of 28 characters that includes a variety of mystery characters set to release worldwide this summer.

Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu X Mad Toy Design

Interview Jeremy Madl on Designing Bruce Lee’s Temple of Kung Fu

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