Round 5 Diaz Brothers Limited Edition Series 9 Preview

Topics: MMA Memorabilia

Round 5 is set to roll out another limited edition for their series 9 action figures, which is scheduled to debut this April, 2012. We have a preview of the ultra popular Diaz brothers striking that signature bad boy pose they’re best known for in this new line of action figures. This limited edition set comes with a Gracie Jiu Jitsu banner, which symbolizes their loyalty and commitment to training with their outspoken trainer and mentor Caesar Gracie. The action figures also feature a Gracie Jiu Jitsu symbol on their fight shorts along with the area code 209 from where they grew up and currently reside: Stockton, California. There are only 750 units being products for this high demand action figure set, so if you’re a collector of MMA memorabilia, this is not something you want to miss, so stay tuned to FigherStyle this coming April for news about when these will be available for purchase.

Round 5 Diaz Brother Limited Edition Series 9 Preview


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