Round 5 Titans GSP Action Figure

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The UFC’s Welterweight Champion, Georges “Rush” St.-Pierre, has been included in the Round 5 Titan Series Wave 1 figures.  The Titans are a completely new line for Round 5, who also produces The Ultimate Collectors Series and the Versus Series.  The Titans are meant to appeal to both new and hardcore fans.  The GSP action figure sports his signature “GSP” shorts in dark blue.  The Titans are not as intricate to detail as the other figures; for instance, there are no tattoos.  However, the figures move the same way the others would, with joints in the same places.  This GSP action figure is shown in his signature fight pose.  This version is not a Championship belt version.  With the Welterweight Champion out for several months due to a knee injury, now is the time to pick up this all-vinyl collectible figure to show support of the popular Canadian fighter.

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