Round 5 UFC Action Figures Ultimate Collector Series 8 Collection

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Founded in 2007 and with headquarters in Ontario, Canada, Round 5 is now MMA’s fastest growing worldwide collectible company.  They manufacture, sell and distribute official UFC merchandise, including UFC action figures, throughout the world.  Throughout the years that they have been producing these original collectibles, they have issued several different versions of their figures.  They have a product line called the UFC Titans, which are 5” shorter than the other lines, incorporate enlarged heads, and are produced from vinyl.  They also produce product lines for the UFC on Versus fights.  Their most widely produced and most popular line is their long standing Ultimate Collector Series, which now has a total of 8 series currently available.  Their newest Ultimate Collector Series of the UFC action figures, which is series 8, includes five popular fighters, two of which are Championship Belt versions.  Series 8 includes the following fighters:  Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar, Georges St.-Pierre, Roy Nelson, and Jose Aldo.  The release is conveniently about a month before the holiday season hits with full force, and the UFC action figures are flying off the shelves so far.

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