UFC Ultimate Collector Series 10

Topics: MMA Memorabilia

For those of who have been reading our previews of the impending Ultimate Collector Series 10 figures from Round 5 since earlier this year, you are in luck, because they are all coming out soon. Scheduled for an August release date, these collectible figures compile an epic collection that fans of the sport will be clamoring over. Featuring Mark Coleman, Dominick Cruz, Anthony Pettis, a UFC and a PRIDE version of Alistair Overeem, Lyoto Machida, Chael Sonnen, and Anderson Silva. Also being dropped with these Series 10 figures is a WEC version of Chael Sonnen, a limited edition Alistair Overeem, and exclusive Brazil editions of both Demian Maia and Mario Yamasaki. You can boast this epic collection of MMA action figures from Round 5’s Ultimate Collector Series 10 by either pre-ordering now, or keeping your eyes peeled for when and where to pick up these great figures.

Mario Yamasaki Action Figure

Demian Maia Action Figure

Anderson Silva Action Figure

Round 5 Chael Sonnen Limited Edition WEC Action Figure

Chael Sonnen UFC Action Figure

Lyoto Machida Action Figure

m Limited Edition Action Figure

Round 5 UC Series 10 Pride Edition Alistair Overeem Action Figure

Alistair Overeem Action Figure

Anthony Pettis Action Figure

Dominick Cruz Championship Edition UFC Action Figure

Mark Coleman Action Figure