Round 5 UFC Ultimate Collector Series 8 Roy Big Country Nelson Action Figure

Topics: MMA Memorabilia

Since Roy Big Country Nelson’s win in The Ultimate Fighter Finale and his subsequent entry into the UFC, the lively Heavyweight has definitely gained in popularity.  Armed with a strong chin, a substantial belly, and often times a mullet, fans can’t help but be amused by Big Country.  Besides his goofy personality, the Las Vegas native has an impressive fight game.  The figure shows Nelson rubbing his belly, which is his signature fighting pose.  He is also sporting his signature facial hair, and white shorts complete with sponsors such as Hayabusa and Republic, as well as the UFC logo.  Many MMA fans were imploring Round 5 to create a Roy Big Country Nelson action figure, as it has been quite some time since he began his career with the UFC, and he now has the fan base and support of many other veterans of the sport.  Round 5 unleashes this Roy Big Country Nelson action figure just in time for the holidays.

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