Round 5 Ultimate Collector Series 10 Released

Topics: MMA Memorabilia

Round 5 has officially released their ultra-popular Series 10 collectibles to the MMA universe. 12 new UFC action figures make up this collection, which includes the following figures as well as others: Mark Colman, Dominick Cruz, Alistair Overeem, Anthony Pettis, and Chael Sonnen. Round 5 continues to deliver high quality action figures to your computer desk or shelf. Series 11 was recently announced, which will add a plethora of stars to your 6-inch action figure set. Highlighting the stars in their glory days from PRIDE to the WEC, these figures hold memories from a time when the UFC was just breaking ground in MMA. You can pick up the entire series and ensure you don’t miss out on this epic Ultimate Collector Series 10 release. As always, quantities are limited and typically go fast, so scoop them up while you can.

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