Round 5 Ultimate Collector Series 9 Preview

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This spring, Round 5 will unleash another series into their Ultimate Collector Series collection of UFC action figures.  Series 9 will not debut until April 2012, however we do have a sneak peek into which figures will be available, and what they will look like.  Series 9 will include Nick Diaz, Ben “Smooth” Henderson, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Don “The Predator” Frye, Chris “The Crippler” Leben, and Cain Velasquez Championship Belt Edition.  Keep in mind, folks, that these are just the prototypes, so there will be changes made before the UFC action figures hits store shelves this spring.  So far, they are looking good.  Nick Diaz looks accurate, with his arms crossed in front of himself and wearing black and white Tapout shorts.  Ben Henderson is shown wearing his black Dethrone Royalty shorts, as seen in the photo.  Jason “Mayhem” Miller is spot-on with his funny grin, sporting his Ultimate Fighter 14 orange shorts, and with platinum blonde hair.  Don Frye is shown in his American flag shorts, and the figure is complete with the wrestling shoes and gloves that he wore in Pride FC.  “The Crippler” is also looking good, sporting his warrior pink hair and complete with tattoos.  Last, but not least, is the Championship Belt Edition of former Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez.  Obviously, it isn’t completely accurate, as he has since lost his belt to Junior Dos Santos, but the figure is accurate in other respects.  This will be a new sculpt for the Cain Velasquez figure, and it is more accurate than previous versions, complete with sponsors and tattoos.  Keep your eyes peeled this spring for the Series 9 UFC action figures, as they are sure to please!

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