RVCA Signal Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing

This refreshingly simple RVCA shirt, called “Signal,” is from one of the action sports apparel company’s newest line.  With two daring colors to choose from, this bold tee can be worn throughout the year.  The 100% cotton material produces a soft, comfortable product, and the athletic fit and crew neck cut makes it stylish.  The design is a vintage wash, with contrast stitching appearing on the shoulder seams to create more visual interest.  The technique used to create the vintage effect is a reverse push-through screen print, which creates a distinctive appearance.  “VA” appears in the very center, with a negative space surrounding it in the form of a circle.  The circle is surrounded by a rectangle of reverse printing, and a small RVCA logo appears on the front, towards the left shoulder.  Whether you choose lemon or Swedish blue, you will love this RVCA shirt forever.

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