RYU Peaks and Valleys Hoodie

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A RYU hoodie called ‘Peaks and Valleys’ is just the thing to keep you snug and comfy throughout the chills soon to follow into December and 2013 behind it. Boasting a lively red color, this hoodie is a great combination of sleek style and smooth comfort, making it a must-have for the season. Heavyweight organic cotton and polyester fleece combine to create this great design, with a 100% organic cotton lining taking the comfort level even further up a notch. The branding is minimal and refreshing, with a simple logo on the front, mountain graphics on the elbows, and Respect Your Universe running along the side. Inject some bold style into your winter wardrobe with this classy RYU hoodie, and keep comfortable while doing so.

RYU Peaks and Valleys Hoodie - Red
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RYU Peaks and Valleys Hoodie - Red

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