RYU Jon Fitch UFC 141 Walkout Shirt

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This Jon Fitch shirt is from RYU Clothing, an up and coming MMA apparel brand.  Their name stands for Respect Your Universe, and they embody the warrior mentality understood by fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts today.  Their brand statement is:  “Respect Your Universe is based on a very straight forward concept.  We believe that in every athlete lies the heart of a warrior.  No matter what sport they play or what discipline they practice; every athlete at the most basic level is essentially a fighter.  They stand alone, their success motivated 100% from within themselves.”  Just last month, RYU signed well-known UFC Welterweight Jon Fitch to an endorsement deal.  Jon Wood, President of RYU, had this to say about the agreement:  “We are all very excited to have Jon join the RYU team as our first Mixed Martial Arts athlete.  Jon embodies the spirit and essence of respect, honor, strength and nature; the pillars of RYU. We look forward to working with Jon and his team in the continuing growth of RYU." This Jon Fitch shirt was his walkout tee from the recent UFC 141 event.  The design is black RYU text diagonally covering the front surface, with small Respect Your Universe between the Y and the U.  The same graphic is featured on the back in white.  Show your support for this exciting MMA apparel brand by picking up this classy Jon Fitch shirt today.

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