Scramble Crossed Swords MMA Shorts

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Scramble flexes its graphic design muscles with the introduction of a stunning new pair of MMA shorts, aptly named “Crossed Swords” to elevate their spring/summer collection to an entirely new level. These Scramble Crossed Swords MMA shorts feature several skill-sharpening attributes, including a versatile waistband with both velcro and a drawstring closure, a mouthguard pocket, flexible Lycra crotch panel, and lightweight 100% polyester construction to keep you at top speed while remaining comfortable. The design itself boasts “budo” characters, which translates to “martial arts” in Japanese; it also shows off a swords graphic and kamon arrowhead crest on the back. Keep yourself looking fresh in the gym, while honing your skills in a pair of shorts that really have your back by adding these versatile MMA shorts to your workout collection today.

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Scramble Crossed Swords MMA Shorts - Black

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